Wine quality

DefinitionWine quality

Producing wine requires skill and passion. Question certainties to improve.
The quality of the wines is the desire to improve the world of wines, creating and transmitting passion.

What areSulfites in wine

Sulfur dioxide, also called “sulphites” are chemical substances used as preservatives in the agri-food sector and, unlike what one might think, much more limitedly in the oenological field in order not to compromise the quality of the wine. They serve to inhibit the action of bacteria that spoil food, but sometimes and in larger quantities they don’t get along with the human body. In fact, these substances can also be harmful to our body. Among the symptoms of the intolerant there are, in the most common cases, headache or stomach pain (not even fully ascertained).

Sulphites are both necessary for the correct conservation of our wines, but the right compromise in quantity in order to protect the wine, but also those who savor its taste.

Meaning: Extra-Brut, Brut, DrySweetness and Sugars in wine

The sweetness of the wine is a factor obtained from when the bunch of grapes is harvested, rather from how much this is fermented, the sugars present in the wine are therefore all already present in the grapes, and adding sugar is even illegal in Italy and also in other European states, although not all.

So what do the abbreviations on sparkling wines mean?

Extra brut between 0 and 6 g/l
Brut less than 15 g/l
Extra dry between 12 and 20 g/l
Sec between 17 and 35 g/l
Demi-sec between 33 and 50 g/l
Sweet greater than 50 g/l