EVERY YEARWe reap the fruits of our work

Each harvest is a renewal of respect between us and the vineyard, destinies linked with the most powerful nature
The harvest still assumes a ritual moment today, it has a rather strong social and communion meaning

TechniqueThe prerequisites for the harvest

To obtain an ideal grape to turn into wine, you need optimal vines, soil and climatic conditions, as well as correct vineyard management techniques. Everything starts from the planting of the vineyard, for which it is undoubtedly a priority to know the exact mineral and physical composition of the soil.

To produce a quality wine, it is essential to start from a base of grapes that are at the height of the product that you want to obtain. A quality grape means first of all an intact grape free from defects and molds. In the section dedicated to viticulture we try to give an insight into how the vine is cultivated and how the grapes are ripened. Once the grapes are ripe, they are harvested, i.e. the harvest.

CommunitySocial harvest

The historical and anthropological value of the harvest goes back to very ancient times and has been handed down from generation to generation through agricultural work methods and rural traditions, as well as for the importance of its cultural and traditional aspects that characterized the harvest as an annual work event and social sharing in the territory.

In many respects the harvest still assumes a ritual moment today, it has a rather strong social and communion meaning, in which men and women come together and work together for the same objective. The social and ritual role that characterizes the harvest has been even stronger in the past decades, when friends, relatives and neighbors gathered in the vineyards, all together to work in the vineyards and then celebrate with a rich banquet.